Online Poker

Poker is a really great game; it can wreck your nerves and boost your adrenaline at the same time. For such an exciting game, being calm, or at least appearing to be calm, can give you a big edge not only against your opponents, but also against yourself.

This is one of the reasons why online poker is such a huge hit; no only will you be able to interact with people with different personalities, risk profiles and mindsets, you can also play with, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, against the house themselves with their own algorithms and games.

To help you start with online poker, here is a good online poker site:

888 poker

This is one of the sites with the most positive reviews and the largest player pool. 888 Poker is also part of 888 Holdings, which is traded in the London Stock Exchange. 888 poker is also fully regulated. Plus, you can be assured that their technology is up to par, since they are certified by leading Online Security and Protection Company, McAfee.

Another great thing about 888 poker is that you can find a table easily; it does not matter if you have 1 or a 100 in your account. They have a large number of live tables too.

Of course, we cannot forget the community. They have 10 million registered players around the globe. They claim to be the fastest growing online poker room, boasting their growth with a player registering every 12 seconds. This rich player traffic will lower your waiting time, unlike some online sites that may take time to pair you up.

They also have a lot of events, from their huge luxury poker holidays that are best experienced live, to their more grassroots level of local tournaments. 888 Poker will definitely be a great site for everyone, newcomers and veterans alike.

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