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With the advent of the internet, a whole new world of opportunities have arrived with just a little click of your mouse. You can not only play against coded artificial intelligence, but also against real live people. With the internet, distance and time is not much of a problem. The world, the virtual one at least, could be your oyster. Of course, there are risks, but proper risk management and a great strategy will pull you up to the head of the pack.

Below are a few sites where you could play with either the A.I. or with other players.

Mansion Casino

This is a site where a lot of players go to live tables and play or just spectate. They have an all day operation (since they service Global players) and they claim to be governed by the laws of Gibraltar, which is a very strict standard to boot. They also claim to have at least 10 years of being a leading online gambling platform too.

Royal Panda

With their cute caped panda wearing a crown and holding a royal scepter, Royal Panda is a great casino website. While they are focused on the big UK casino market, they do have a lot of online visitors from around the globe. They have the traditional table games like live roulette and live blackjack. They also have their own more modern games with slots battling Norse Gods or aiming for the top in the Game of Thrones inspired slots. A good thing to note is that they are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

There are a lot of sites other than Mansion Casino and Royal Panda. Try your hand at the Online experience – there is such a great selection of games to chose from! And you might just love it.

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