Movies to give you the Casino thirst

If you are talking about having a good time, then relaxing on your couch while you watch movies should certainly be up there on your personal list. There is just that wonderful magic of seeing a great story come to life (be it on the big screen, on your computer monitor, or on the ever reliable Flat screen T.V.), hearing the actors’ and actresses’ eloquent conversations and listening to the great soundtrack. Watching a great movie is a great way to spend your time.

This is a list to help other aficionados find great casino movies to get more inspiration.

The Sting

This 1974 classic is highly rated by audience and critics alike. Without spoiling too much, this movie will give you not only an adrenaline rush due to the gripping story, but also how two confidence tricksters (grifters basically), work their stuff. The story is actually very fun and cheerful, but the underlying theme of revenge will definitely keep your interest.


This fairly recent movie will keep you on the edge of your seats while learning a few tricks at the same time. This is actually based on the real life stories of six MIT students who are trained to use their extremely fast working brains to good use by delving into card counting. You will be in for a great treat. A definite must watch.


Who could forget this classic? This is a 1995 movie with a gripping story, excellent actors, and great mood and atmosphere. It is like taking a peek into the private lives and the deep hidden world of casinos. This is really great stuff.

While there are definitely more movies about casinos, these three have great reviews and should be worth your time. Sit back, relax and have a great time with these movies!

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