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Odds and Evens is a new up and coming site where information, news and helpful tips, and tricks can be found by just anyone about casinos and casino games. There will also be features about interesting promotions regarding bonuses and deposits, and all of that sweet juicy happenings in the world of gambling.

The name of the game: Odds and Evens

Almost everyone has played the game Odds and Evens when they were small children. You might have called this by a different name like bucking up or odds-on poke. In fact, some may even call it swords or choosies and even picks.

This site is dedicated to the casino game – odds and evens. The concept is simple to understand and easy to remember. There are even numbers that are divisible by 2,for example, 2, 4 6 and so on. And then there are odd numbers like 1, 3, and so on. You will place your bets on either odd or even numbers and depending on the outcome, you will win or lose.

Roulette is the most common example where you get to play this game. Whatever your bet amount, if you win, you will get double. It is also popularly known as outside bets. So what happens if the ball hits zero – 0 or 00? If the ball hits 0,you lose, always. You will have to place a bet specifically on that number in order to win. The reward is high, but so is the risk. Most players, especially beginners, choose to start simple with odd or even numbers.

That is the beauty of the game and why it was chosen. Odds and Evens is simple but lots of fun, both the game and this site! Enjoy your stay here at Odds and Evens! You must try this game today.

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